Positive Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

On the night before His crucifixion, Jesus spoke to His disciples and told them that He would send them the Holy Spirit: the Comforter. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is a comforting ministry, not a ministry of condemnation. Discern the difference between your conscience and the Holy Spirit. Another function of the Holy Spirit is to convince believers of their right standing in Jesus Christ and their authority over the devil. Once you receive this positive ministry, you will praise God for your imputed righteousness and the devil's defeat.

The Comforter
Do you have feelings of guilt and condemnation? Like many believers, you may think that's the Holy Spirit convicting and accusing you. The good news: It isn't; the bad news: As long as you think it is, you'll never have confidence in God. It's time to get it right.

The Sin Of Unbelief
Many Christians believe the Holy Spirit convicts them of every sin, from adultery to a simple "white lie." The truth is, that couldn't be further from the truth. If that surprises you, you need to hear this message.

Righteousness And Judgment
Who is righteous and who has been judged? Much of the body of Christ seems confused. They say they are righteous but act as though they are being judged. Why? Listen and the answer will set you free.

Depending on the Spirit
Jesus didn't begin His ministry or work a single miracle until the Holy Spirit came upon Him. If that were true for Jesus, then isn't it the height of arrogance to believe we can govern our own lives? It?s important to understand this.

God's Love Revealed
Do you believe that God really loves you? If you do, it will show in your relationships with others. If you don't, it will also show in your relationships with others. Revealing God's love is the positive ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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