It's more than theology; it's practical. Your understanding will determine what you are able to receive from God, not just in eternity, but here and now.

What Is Redemption? In this message, Andrew teaches exactly what Jesus purchased through His sacrifice. However, even though the purchase price was paid, complete redemption has not yet been manifest. You need to understand this.

Eternal, Not Momentary Redemption Many believers are asking questions like these: "Can I lose my salvation?" "If I die with un-confessed sin, will I go to hell?" "Will God answer the prayer of someone who still sins?" It's time to get the answers.

The Payment Exceeded The Cost The sins of the entire world cannot be compared to the price that Jesus paid for them. It's not just what He suffered in body and soul; it's what He became. That is the key to your redemption.

Redeemed From The Curse Most Christians believe they have been redeemed from the curse of the Law. Yet, they are still trying to get God to respond to them based on their performance. Why?.

A Better Redemption There is a huge difference between the way God dealt with people under the Old Covenant and the way He deals with us today under the New. This truth will set you free.

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