The Law was not God's first choice. Man was destroying himself, and God had to restrain us so He could come redeem us. Andrew explains that the whole purpose of the Law was to show us our need for a Saviour. The true nature of God is mercy and love. We need to start realizing who God really is so our faith will become effective, because faith is based on relationship.

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Code Name Type Language Price
501 Righteousness Tract  EnglishEnglish 25p
E01C Righteousness CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E02C Purpose Of The Law CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E03C New Creature CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E04C No Condemnation CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E05C Good Conscience CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E09C Who You Are In The Spirit CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E10C God's Attitude Toward Sin CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E11C Complete Forgiveness CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E12C No More Sin Consciousness CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E14C True Gospel CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E15C Gospel Of Peace CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E16C Reconciled To God CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
E17C Foundations Of Grace CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
FR501 La Justice - Righteousness Leaflet Tract  FrenchFrench 25p
GE501 German: Righteousness Tract  GermanGerman 25p
IT501 Italian: Righteousness Tract  ItalianItalian 25p
SP501 Spanish: Righteousness Tract  SpanishSpanish 25p
Total £40.25

Audio Teachings for Righteousness

Track Title Length Size
 1 Righteousness 1:18:41 27 MB
 2 The Purpose Of The Law 1:09:36 23.9 MB
 3 A New Creature 58:54 20.2 MB
 4 No Condemnation 52:38 18.1 MB
 5 A Good Conscience 52:04 17.9 MB
 6 Who You Are In The Spirit 1:18:18 26.9 MB
 7 God's Attitude Toward Sin 1:19:13 27.2 MB
 8 Complete Forgiveness 1:18:37 27 MB
 9 No More Sin Consciousness 1:18:41 27 MB
 10 The True Gospel 1:12:19 24.8 MB
 11 Foundations Of Grace 1:19:10 27.2 MB
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