The Old Man is Dead: Goodbye & Good Riddance

In Andrew’s teaching, The Old Man Is Dead: Goodbye and Good Riddance!, you’ll discover that God no longer looks at you and sees a sinner; He only sees the new nature that Jesus provided by grace at the cross. In this teaching, learn how to ditch your sin nature and embrace your new nature in Christ.

In this foundational message, you’ll learn:

• The difference between your sin nature and your born-again nature,

• What Jesus provided for you when He died on the cross,

• How to leave your old self behind,

• How to yield yourself to God,

• How to have a true relationship with God as a born-again believer!

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Audio Teachings for The Old Man is Dead: Goodbye & Good Riddance

Track Title Length Size
 0 Compressed Archive Download - 121.9 MB
 1 Shall We Continue in Sin? 01:17:59 32.7 MB
 2 Under Grace and Not the Law 01:14:46 31.4 MB
 3 Free from the Law 01:17:22 32.4 MB
 4 Be Spiritually Minded 01:18:42 32.9 MB
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