A Sure Foundation

Every farmer knows there’s no shortcut in sowing and reaping. It’s a reliable principle God established to show how things work in the natural. But it’s also a picture of how things work in the spiritual! If you’ve ever prayed and been frustrated with the results, it’s possible you have tried to circumvent God’s spiritual laws. There must be seed, time, and harvest if you’re going to receive. Let Andrew show you how!

In his A Sure Foundation teaching, Andrew reveals scriptural principles that show you how to reap a harvest God’s promises in every area of your life. You’ll also learn how to plant the Word in your heart, unlock the parable of Jesus that unlocks all others, and develop a mature and stable walk with the Lord. We’re offering this teaching in a package along with our completely redesigned and updated Living Commentary Bible software.

A Sure Foundation Package includes:

  • A Sure Foundation CD or DVD album
  • A Sure Foundation book
  • Andrew's New Living Commentary download

Price: £70

Growing in the Word with Andrew

Many people have become frustrated or even stopped reading the Bible due to lack of understanding. If you've studied the Bible for any length of time, you've most likely come across certain verses that you found confusing. You might even have wished you could have a trusted bible scholar like Andrew Wommack explain them to you. Well, now you can with Andrew's new Living Commentary!

Product details:

  •  Over 22,000 notes by Andrew on verses from Genesis through Revelation
  •  Regular updates as Andrew studies the Word and shares his revelation
  •  Available for both Windows and Mac
  • 11 Bible versions, 3 concordances, Oxford English Dictionary, Atlas with biblical maps, and much more! 

Please note, the new Living Commentary is not available through this website but is being moved over to be hosted by Andrew Wommack Ministries in Colorado.*

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