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I think it's important for you to know what the Lord is doing through this ministry because of your faithful support. 

I know the message God has given me to teach is changing the lives of thousands. However, I firmly believe that any ministry which is not reproducing itself by making disciples (Matt. 28:19) is failing to do what the Lord told us to do.

That is one of the primary reasons I founded Charis Bible College. And now, CBC has become a powerful outreach as we launch extension colleges around the world. The graduates of these colleges multiply many times over the impact that I could have as an individual.

Cultural barriers demand that we train local pastors and ministers who can reach their own people groups in their own countries. By extending the colleges to other countries, we are helping meet that demand.

CBC of England has graduated nearly one hundred students in seven years, with graduates going as far as Turkey and Russia spreading the good news. The college has been so successful, we moved to a new facility in Birmingham, England, which is large enough to house AWM and allow for the rapid growth of the CBC-U.K. student body and AWM of Europe.

Our Bible college in Russia has been operating for six years, and we're launching the second Russian CBC in Ufa this fall. Our new college in Belfast, Northern Ireland, opens its doors this fall, and graduates from America have combined to start schools in Kenya.

In the states, we have an extension college in Chicago, with another one beginning this fall in Atlanta. These colleges along with those in other countries are staffed by CBC graduates, use the CBC curriculum, receive frequent visits from Colorado CBC instructors, and are now accountable financially and otherwise to the International Director.

The multiplication of CBC in America and around the world has huge potential. Therefore, we're expanding our apprenticeship program here at home where we are preparing and training teams to launch additional extension colleges.

Everywhere I go, I'm asked if I know of a good grace and faith oriented church or if we have any graduates who would be willing to start one in their city. Unfortunately, many times I have had to say no. However, we are beginning to address that as well by raising up ministry teams to plant churches.

The tremendous growth we are experiencing in our worldwide ministry requires us to make adjustments in our organization. In the past, our first generation of graduates launched projects on their own as they felt led by God. With the exception of a few gifts, they raised their own support as well.

They have our heart and have done a wonderful job, but oversight has become an issue. As they raise up second and third generation leaders, there is a growing need to keep the message and the ministry pure.

At a recent meeting of all our national and international leaders, the call for help came through loud and clear. They have carried the load alone long enough; it's time to tap the synergy of teamwork.

I responded by promising to bring all of these ministries under one organization called AWM World Outreach. We are capitalizing on the experiences of these leaders so as to establish proven methods of operation and create templates to make the job easier for those who will follow.

Many of the benefits are already evident. We are combining and sharing resources in order to cut costs. Students in the apprenticeship program will produce newsletters, promotional materials, and help with administrative services for those on the field. It's a win, win situation. The students receive on-the-job-training, and the ministers receive much needed help. And, for younger ministers, it's an important safety net.

Financial accounting will now be done at headquarters in Colorado Springs as well. It brings administrative relief to those on the field and ensures greater accountability.

Launching AWM World Outreach is another big step in "taking the limits off God."It's a step of faith because this ministry runs very lean and can't absorb these costs without additional income.

Many of these ministers have left families, careers, and everything that is familiar to them for the sake of Christ. I believe they are modern-day heroes. I'll be telling you more about their amazing individual stories in the future. But let me say for now, they deserve our support!

To date, they have been responsible for raising support for their own salaries. Under this new program, we will be subsidizing that support and providing a small base pay for all the instructors. In addition, facility expenses, administrative and accounting cost, and more will be assumed by AWM World Outreach.

Colleges like CBC of Chicago and England are already self-supporting. When we launch new colleges in America and other first-world countries, there are many start-up costs, but tuitions eventually cover these costs. However, in third-world countries, support from home base will be ongoing.

Did you know that only 10% of the Christians in the world live in the United States, but those 10% control 53% of all Christian monies? Or did you know that 90% of all money spent on spreading the Gospel is spent trying to reach 5% of the world's population here in the United States?

Although I am committed to doing my part to bring revival to America, we have an awesome opportunity to make a big difference in people's lives around the world. These projects must be funded by those of us who are more blessed.

Do you remember when you first began listening to this message and how it affected your life? There are thousands just like you all over the world, waiting to hear the truth that will set them free. Will you help us? Together, we can do it.

You may never realize what your gifts accomplish during your life on earth, but I can promise that in eternity, people from all over the world will thank you for your investment in their lives. You won't regret it!

I want to thank you in advance for your consideration and response.

50th Anniversary

Andrew Wommack: 50 Years with the True Gospel

50th Anniversary