Todays TV Offer: How To Hear God's Voice

Hearing the voice of the Lord is probably the single most important element in having a victorious Christian life after being born-again. The Lord knows all things and will show us things to come. There is no problem that His wisdom can't solve. If we can tap into His heart by hearing Him speak to us, all would be different.

God's Sheep DO Hear His Voice
This teaching lays the foundation for hearing God's voice by making the startling statement that we already hear God's voice. Every one of us has done something stupid, only to say, "I knew I was doing the wrong thing!" God is already speaking. We just don't recognize His voice. There is nothing wrong with God's transmitter; it's our receiver that needs to be turned on and tuned in.

How God Speaks
It surprises many people to find out that you can do whatever you want to when you are seeking the Lord with all your heart. This is because when we truly seek the Lord, God puts His desires in our hearts. Therefore, being led by our desires is a valid and prominent way to receive direction IF our hearts are pure. The Lord doesn't usually speak to us from the third-person perspective, but He communicates to us through our spirits. Our spirits speak to us in the first person.

God's Word Is The Ultimate Test
Not all voices that we can hear are God's. Therefore, every perception or perceived message from the Lord must be examined for authenticity. God's Word is the acid test for truth. A casual knowledge of God's Word will only get us in trouble. We need to know God's Word like the backs of our hands to properly discern His voice. God's voice and His Word agree perfectly.

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